The ever-changing and rapidly evolving world of the crypto economy has come with its mix of challenges and opportunities. Our analysts work diligently to keep up with the dynamics in the market. We understand that we are in a period of high risk and speculation; this makes it impossible for everyone to be part of the current market. Caveat emptor – “buyer beware” is one strong term that no one must ignore. However, with our robust research service, every investor can find a real value that meets their unique needs. Our research method is streamlined to help in reducing the risk for our qualified investors.

Native coins – issued against the core of a blockchain. Based on our research metrics, a forked currency is also considered a native coin, i.e., Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Feathercoin, etc.

dApps – These layer two applications use smart contracts technology and sit on top of the blockchain core layer. They are able to perform a specific function or series of functions. Other layer technologies like blockchain scaling, security, and state channel applications will be covered in different categories.

Mobile coins – This category focuses on companies whose primary business is about creation and distribution of crypto currencies with the use of a smart mobile device. We use a broad brush stroke to define this grouping allowing us to select best of breed under one category.

Security – This segment offers some of the best opportunities for growth. We are looking at companies that create a solution for advancement in cryptography in all areas of the ecosystem.

Deadcoins – This is our own custom investment offering. Based on our robust analysis of alt coins, we created a basket of Deadcoins. This investment is highly speculative and serves as a hedge against the rise in new developers and innovators flooding the market.

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Our proprietary investment algorithm reviews each corporation’s white paper and succinctly analyzes the expertise of the core management team. Their assumptions are deconstructed and challenged against any existing technology alongside a full unveiling of the activities in the coding and developer’s channel.

For the investments that meet the initial benchmark, further analysis is done based on technical fundamentals that drive the crypto economy. Issues such as the ICO specifics, Token usage, and their positioning within the larger crypto ecosystem are properly looked at. Our technical analysis includes over (25) different variables that are scrutinized, analyzed and reviewed.

Our investment strategies are based on meeting our clients’ financial contributions with the use of our proprietary designed trading management tools & investment vehicles.

A Word from The CEO – “We started Bison Fintech in order to extend the expertise that has benefited those in our inner circle which includes our family and friends. We intend to give personalized service to each of our clients, but we see each one as an extension of those that we hold dear to our hearts” – BrewseMonier-Williams.

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Our core business philosophy is to create the highest level of returns in a safe and secure transaction model. We are able to accomplish this through the use of global best practices that help us equitably manage each of your investments. The exchanges can be a bit tricky to navigate. It takes real expertise to move your assets from one exchange to another, but we have what it takes to deliver.


  1. Set up a new bank account to connect the assets you have designated for crypto trading purposes.
  2. Transfer USD or other currency into the wallet of the decentralized exchange where you will be acquiring your crypto coins or tokens.
  3. Convert USD dollars in exchange currency, BTC, ETH or others
  4. Execute trade for the currency desired using BTC or ETH
  5. Transfer that newly acquired crypto coin or token into a “Cold Storage” wallet connected to your computer.
  6. Close out “Cold Storage” wallet, remove from the Internet
  7. Keep all documentation including public, private keys, and hardware wallet.

Initialization – This includes all primary steps needed to set up your private and public keys. We will configure your hardware wallet and build in the redundancy to safe guard your crypto information.

Fund management fees which is 2% of assets under management (AUM) as well as performance fees which stand at 25% of net trading gains.

We are using multi-level safe guards to protect your private keys and exchange passwords independent of hardware wallets.


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